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Shamus gets some air


Who is out there?

by Rotten Ronnie 2015/04/28

With today's slush it looks like the good riding weather is further and further away. I got out briefly last weekend, but left my neck warmer at home and while it was a short ride, it was my first real ride of the year, and it felt great to be back in the saddle. :)

Spring has sprung!

by Rotten Ronnie 2015-03-26

Spring seems to have made an appearance at long last and the snowbanks are melting and running. Did you get an itch to ride this week? I know I did. :)

I brought a used Dual Sport back to the island from a friends house in Sackville, and while it does need some TLC, I'm really looking forward to getting it running and then insured, plated and registered. Bring it on!

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